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Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Rat's Musical Ear

You probably have noticed that rats have very big ears compared to humans. Their ears are also very sensitive. That's why it's important to put your rat in a quiet area. Loud and high-pitch noises can damage their ears. They also use their ears to help get around. For example, if your coming to pick your rat up, they will hear you coming and hop on your hand. One thing really interesting I noticed is rats really like music. I have a dumbo dwarf rat, so she's one-third size of a normal rat with really big ears that capture sound really well. She really likes music. Whenever I play music she sits on my knee very still and relaxed, she just sits there and listens. Sometimes she's more interested in the sounds, other times she's relaxed, just listening. When I watch American Idol, she's running around during the commercial brakes and right when the music turns on she holds still and listens, right when it ends she's running around again. But you have to be careful the music isn't to loud, if your rat is running from the sound its for sure to loud. You can see if your rat likes music or not too, and tell me in the comment box.
This is a picture of my dumbo dwarf rat,
in this picture you can really see that her
ears are very big and are on the side of her


Anonymous said...

I have a dumbo rat to! Except mine is not a dwarf dumbo. I don't know if it hurts his ears when I play my clarinet. When I'm playing it I'm in the same room with him, so it makes my wonder is it's too loud.

Stella :D said...

My dumbo rats love music!!
I play my Clarinet, Violin & Piano and they sit there, watching me, completely fascinated & then join in by stepping on the instruments :D :D

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to convince my mom to get a rat I'll see if they like music or not!!

Anonymous said...

Mine love music, they even get more excited during certain genres

Unknown said...

Question: do they react to certain genres or is it just noise level?

If you don't think rats are necessarily the pet you are looking for, but want a pet similar to a rat, I would look into a chinchilla. This link is great for the history of chinchillas, and is really interesting.

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